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Welcome NEHI60 !!!

~ Welcome NeHi60 ~

NEHI 60 Reunion AlbumClassmate Linda Harrington Crosby has put together some memories of our 50th Reunion ! Take the time to check out her efforts ! I know you will enjoy what Linda has done ! Click HERE to view, print or download your copy ! How ? While the file is still open, just click the option you wish ! Too complicated; email us and we'll send a copy in return email ! Kudos to Linda for doing this !

Celebrating an anniversary or a family milestone ?  We've created a new addition to the web site for you to share these events with your classmates.  Go to our new "Celebrations" page and check out who is celebrating !

Take a trip back to the '60s - Contributed by Linda and Larry Bassett

~ As We Are... ~

Dig out that "digital" with all those pics from your last trip, "E-Mail Us" a current photo and join our group !  We're waitin' on ya !

Keep your classmates in mind by visiting the "In Memoriam" page !  We continue to honor those who are with us in spirit and hold the time we had with them to be special.

We still need your help:
Even though this reunion is over, this is not the end.  We will continue to search and, as always, we can use the help !

Below, we have the last (20) we are "seeking" contact information out of 371 Classmates ! Take a moment to "cursor over" each name !  As your classmate's picture pops up, see if you remember anything to help us locate them.

Any "tidbit" of info is appreciated.  We want to "cover every base" as we reach out to all ! "E-Mail Us" any info that may help !  Please see our "Home Room" page for a complete list (Seeking ~ "We're lookin' for you...") !
Your "Contact Committee"

(They're out there somewhere !  With your help, we'll find them !)

John C. Adams

Bonnie Allen

Carol Ann Brown

Linda Daniels

Barbara Faux

Patricia Anne Hein

Marilyn Henry

David Jenkins

Jim Long

Joann Lipham

Louis McKinney

Robert Mitchell

William Newcomer

Lois Gail Ramsey

Phyllis Loraine Robertson

Phillip W. Rogers

Karen Smith

David Walker

Mike W. Walton-Crump

Arthur Zoellner

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